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Map of Florida

Seminole County
Sheriff's Office, Florida

Population: 21.3 million

Florida is the third most populous state in the United States and has the 16th highest rate of drug overdose (OD) deaths in the country. As of August 2019, 78 percent of the counties in Florida have at least one agency using ODMAP. EMS agencies in the state currently input case information into the Florida Prehospital EMS Tracking and Reporting System (EMSTARS). As part of the grant, the Florida Department of Health is developing an API to streamline EMSTARS EMS OD data into an easy to use solution that interfaces with ODMAP. We anticipate that this will provide a broad view of nonfatal OD data that will help identify hot spots for response, treatment, and prevention follow-up activities. In parallel, Florida seeks to engage law enforcement agencies statewide in ODMAP expansion efforts, in particular in capturing fatal OD data to be utilized for improvements in OD-related public safety outcomes. As the lead agency, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) will create an ODMAP and OD Data Center of Excellence, which will include public safety and health care (response, treatment, and prevention)-related best practices utilizing OD data.