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Map of Nevada

Nevada Office
of the Attorney General

Population: 3.034 million

Nevada is the 35th most populous state in the country; however, the state consistently demonstrates some of the highest rates of drug overdose mortality in the United States. To date, at least one agency from all 16 counties and one independent city in Nevada have registered with ODMAP. The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) will obtain 80 percent usage of ODMAP within six months of the grant award with the goal of all agencies being registered users of ODMAP. The OAG will create an API-to-API process from the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) State EMS database Elite. Elite, also using an API process, pulls data from each EMS agency’s electronic patient care record (EPCR) and populates this information into the state EMS database Elite. OAG will work with state EMS on an API process to extrapolate the overdose data from Elite into ODMAP, which would provide for more real-time reporting of overdose events. In addition, OAG will work with communities to develop and implement an overdose spike response plan and, ultimately, a multiagency response plan that includes public safety, public health, community partners, behavioral health professionals, health care providers, and elected officials that will include pre-spike, mid-spike, and post-spike activities.