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Map of Ohio

Department of Health

Population: 11.69 million

Ohio’s overdose death rates are among the highest in the country, with 4,854 overdose deaths in 2017, a rate of 44.1 per 100,000 people. Within Ohio’s 88 counties, there are more than 875 local law enforcement agencies and 1,235 locally operated EMS services. As of June 2019, 202 agencies in 68 counties are using ODMAP in Ohio. The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) is seeking to work in the eight Ohio EMS Regional Physicians Advisory Board (RPAB) regions to increase use of ODMAP in those areas. In addition, ODH will be supporting API connections and coordinating an effort to identify and facilitate best practices in higher-burden areas. ODH will be working with key partners in behavioral health, public health, law enforcement, and EMS to create strategic plans that will rely on ODMAP to provide key geographic data.